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Green & Clean & Smart Technology

AI Shading®

AI Shading is a AI & IOT technology that optimize shading operation to improve building energy efficiency. It can reduce building energy consumption by up to 75% at peak hour, and up to 28% average.

Thermal conservation products

Reduce heat exchange from homes and building to the outside environment. Our patent pending Smart Thermal Blind enables better seal around windows, so that heat exchange can be greatly reduced.

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Smart heating and zonal heating products

Heat distributed to where heating is needed. Our “Smart Heaters” are capable of sensing whether the occupant is in the heating area, so it can start/stop heating based on preset commands. It can track, follow and direct heat to the occupant. Also, it can send feedback to the central heating controller to reduce heat setting for unoccupied areas.

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Integrated solar heating with TCM heat storage system

This is an novel system that completely gets rid of burning fossil fuel for space heating. Solar heat will be harvested via the solar thermal collectors, and the heat is stored in a TCM heat storage unit. The storage unit will be a size similar to conventional gas furnace, and serves as a central heating source.